• About Us


    WUXI WUNFA INT’L CO., LTD. Was established on 2007, WUXI WUNFA MACHINERY CO., LTD. was established on 2005.

    Our sales covers both international and domestic market. We are producing, selling, distributing: Turbocharger, FIP plunger, Nozzle, Head Rotor, Common Rail Control Valve, Common Rail Nozzle, Common Rail Injector, Rail Pressure Sensor, Mertering Unit, SCR parts, Urea Injector, NOx sensor (12V ,24V), Temperature Sensor, Diesel Engine Piston, Liner, Precison Common Rail Test Bench (WABT brand for OEM, Dieseltop for Aftermarket). International Version Common Rail Repair Master MFT100, Urea system Diagnose system, OBD Vehicle Disgnose system.

    Our own products are WUNFA brand and Dieseltop brand, we are also distributing original BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, WEIFU,AGS, CRS,HAOTONG